The Tavern

A journey to the time of salted dry codfish

Taste our dried codfish delicacies and a glass of red wine, sour cherry liqueur or one of our selection of home-made juices.

The Taverns

used to be places where one could eat a snack and drink wine by the glass at the rural areas. In Portugal, the taverns remained popular up to late 1980's.

Grocery & Historic Portuguese Brands

A grocery shop with iconic Portuguese brands brings back the flavours and aromas of Ach Brito and Confiança. Brings back the famous tooth paste Pasta Medicinal Couto the Regina chocolates, the Paupério biscuits and many other canned foods from an era that is long gone.

The History Man presents its own collection of sour cherry liqueurs, olive oils, organic teas, coffees and dry cookies from Pena’s grocery shop.

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We are located at Santa Maria's Square in Óbidos

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