The History Man

Within a walled town full of history inside a marvellous historic
building we now introduce you to the third character of our trilogy.

After implementing two successful hotel units: The literary Man - Óbidos Hotel and Rio do Prado - The Maker Man, we're glad to present you a brand new literary ambience in Óbidos.

The project consists in merging literature with hotel and restaurant experiences, aiming to create an inspiring environment filled with books, ideas and knowledge, paying homage to Óbidos, a middle ages walled town that was in 2015 acknowledged by UNESCO as a Literary Town.

The Bistro

Experience the rich flavours of the ancient local gastronomy within a fine environment, and let yourself go with the live cooking sessions at the lounge & garden areas serving the best cocktails in town.
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The Place

A historic building comprehending a tavern & vintage grocery shop, and two indoor Restaurant areas, offers a quite unique collection with thousands of books and authentic historic documents donated by both national and international Archives of Calouste Gulbenkian (Lisbon & Paris); Lisbon's University and Private collectors to whom we hereby would like to show our profound feeling of gratitude for the donations.

The whole house breathes history boasting a museum and giving place to a municipality's archive at the upper floors.

At the ground level it opens up now for an original restaurant concept, thought specifically for this place bringing back memories of a time that is long gone.

The Bistro (Casa de Pasto), takes you on a journey through the Portuguese traditions inside the walls of a sought-after middle ages town. It is here next to the books, next to the vintage objects, next to the historic brands, at the Patio with an outdoor kitchen and lounge, while experiencing delicious meals and Portuguese wines, that we want you to hear about the stories.

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